Swimming Pool available for hire

The Kingswood Indoor Swimming Pool is ideal for swimmers of all abilities, and changing rooms are included as part of the hire cost.


Dimensions: Length – 18.5 metres / Width – 9.25 metres
Depth (Shallow end): 1 metre / Depth (Deep end): 1.65 metre
Capacity: Dependent on the nature of the activity and the experience of the swimmers. For details refer to normal operating procedures.
Temperature: 30°C
Canoes: Maximum of 10 (Paddling)
Health & Safety: Groups must provide their own lifeguard and First Aid


Mid-week (evenings only) and weekends* and during the holiday periods

*Outside lettings are fitted in around Kingswood School use during these times.

For more information, or to arrange a booking please contact the Commercial Team on 01225 734308 or email commercial@nullkingswood.bath.sch.uk